Truth in advertising

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The AADA strongly recommends the implementation of direct and concise regulations and enforcement against fraudulent, deceptive, or misleading advertising, as well as transparency and disclosure of one’s degree, board certification, and licensure.


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The AADA is supportive of federal and state policies that seek increased transparency in licensure and board certification, including:

  • Required disclosures that a physician is certified, or eligible for certification by a private or public board, parent association or multidisciplinary board.
  • Required disclosure of one’s degree or field of study and licensure, including the use of clarifying titles.
  • Use or display of visible identification, including credentials, for all levels of personnel.
  • Creation of public education campaigns regarding qualifications of medical professionals.

To learn more about state policy regarding the scope of practice of NPs, PAs, and medispas, visit the Academy's Scope of practice page.​ 

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