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Although patients are delighted to only apply a medication for two or three days, I now must explain that 5-FU reigns supreme in terms of AK clearance.

I just became cognizant of a “new” complication of HZ — (new to me, at least) — the post-herpetic abdominal pseudohernia. 

Recent data from the ACDS Contact Allergen Management Program (CAMP) revealed that 19% of all products contained parabens.

This commentary is dedicated to Joy, a bright, rambunctious, delightful bundle of energy with (formerly) recalcitrant atopic dermatitis...

This commentary focuses on solid organ transplantation patients, with an emphasis on squamous cell carcinomas in the context of organ transplant rejection. 

When prescribing isotretinoin all the physicians needed was a small yellow sticker. They could give patients months of medication at a time.  

It is no surprise that patients with systemic autoinflammatory diseases such as Schnitzler syndrome go undiagnosed for years...

My residents have heard me tell patients that if porokeratoses could communicate, they would thumb their noses at us, laughing at our attempts to get rid of them.

Virtually everyone is sensitive to mosquito bites, however the intensity of bite reactions varies between individuals.

Histamine-1 receptor blockers are routinely used to treat the pruritus of AD, although histamine does not seem to play a role in AD through the histamine-1 receptor.

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