Program for Innovative Continuing Medical Education in Dermatology (PICMED)

The AAD is proud to announce that through a generous contribution from The Elsevier Foundation and the Skin Disease Education Foundation (SDEF), both of whom share the AAD's  commitment to continuing excellence in dermatology, the AAD has created an educational program called the Program for Innovative Continuing Medical Education in Dermatology (PICMED).

The program was established to facilitate dermatologists' continuing education through support and development of innovative continuing medical education programs.

Who will be considered?
Proposals from individuals with a clear association to dermatologic organizations will be given preference; however, all proposals to develop innovative continuing medical education programs will be considered. Please be aware the target audience of the proposed continuing medical education program must be dermatologists.

Available grants

  • Multi-year grant: Applicants may request up to $50,000 (direct costs only) for a two (2) year funding period.  2nd year funding will be contingent on 1st year milestones being met. 
  • Single-year grant: Applicants may request up to $10,000 (direct costs only) for a one (1) year project period. 

The CME program proposals may include creative needs assessment mechanisms, innovative use of technology, unique approaches to specific subject matter, novel presentation techniques, and use of existing educational paradigms in new environments.

  • Criteria

    Applicants must demonstrate one of the following:

    The ideal educational proposal identifies or narrows gaps in competency and/or practice through the following:  

    • Innovative uses of technology that engage the learner,
    • Unique approaches to specific subject matter,
    • Novel presentation techniques, and/or
    • Utilization of existing educational paradigms in new environments.

    Sample proposals may include (but are not limited to) the following:

    • Performance Improvement Education.
    • Internet-Point of Care Education.
    • Education delivered via a mobile application.
    • Web or digitally based instructional tools and enduring materials.
    • Gamification, virtual patient, and procedural skills simulation.
  • Application timeline

    The PICMED grant cycle is currently closed.


  • Application materials
    Proposals should not exceed five pages, excluding references and supporting material. A completed application and bibliographic sketch of each applicant (up to two pages) must accompany each proposal. 
    Basic activity and contact information
    • Program goals
    • Brief overview of the organization and evidence of its impact
    • Project title, and start and end dates
    • Program summary
    • Description of activity alignment with Academy’s Strategic Framework
    • Target audience
    • Activity website (if applicable)
    • Estimated number of learners

    Activity details
    • Executive summary of grant application
    • Provide a brief history of the project (if applicable)
    • Describe the current project objectives and how they will be met
    • Background and significance including the identification of professional practice gaps and analysis of the needs underlying these gaps
    • Learning objectives
    • Provide an analysis of the project's risks and limitations, including how these factors will be addressed or minimized
    • Preliminary data/studies (if any)
    • Design of the innovative learning format

    • If this is a repeating activity describe past activity success
    • List the evaluation method(s) and expected outcome(s)
    • Explain how you define success for this project
    • Explain the assessment strategies that will be used to measure the project's success
    • Please describe the involvement of the stakeholders (e.g. Board members, target population, community members)
    • Please provide a sustainability plan. What steps will your organization take to ensure the future success of the proposed project beyond the completion of PICMED funding (i.e., future financial support, staff requirements, continued community interest)?

    Budget and timeline
    • Requested amount
    • Total project budget
    • Provide a detailed budget summary.Include a concise statement of how you propose to allocate funds (amount and for what purpose). Any additional funding sources for the project must also be disclosed.
      Note: The budget is applied to direct costs only. Indirect costs are not allowed. Awarded funds may not be used to support salary(s), costs related to presentations including meeting registration,travel, and lodging, or publication costs.
    • Provide the project timeline
  • Selection process

    Applicants will be selected based on the following criteria: 

    • Perceived value of the project to dermatologic education for practitioners;
    • Practical and innovative use of education; and
    • Clarity and completeness of the program description.

    Proposals to be funded will be reviewed by an appointed committee of the AAD’s Council on Education. The committee will then form a recommendation for final approval by the AAD’s Board of Directors. Proposals from individuals with a clear association to dermatologic organizations will be given preference. However, all proposals to develop innovative CME programs will be considered.

  • Questions

    For questions, please contact Amanda Frazer at