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$2.3 Billion — the projected loss the dermatology specialty faces in the next five years due to penalties, payment reductions, reporting errors, and lost bonuses. Not reporting is no longer an option.


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What is dataderm?


DataDerm is a clinical data registry — created by dermatologists, for dermatologists — to transform your practice and elevate the specialty.

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DataDerm FAQs

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DataDerm Deadlines

Find dates for submitting, reporting, and integrating with your EHR.

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MIPS REporting


DataDerm is an approved Qualified Clinical Data Registry — and will help you report for all three MIPS categories in 2017, 2018, and 2019.

*If you are in an area that was effected by extreme and uncontrollable circumstances (hurricanes, wildfires, etc.), you may be exempt from 2018 reporting. Find out if you are in a location exempt from MIPS.

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EHR Recognition Program

DataDerm integrates with a variety of EHRs and recognizes EHR platforms for their level of integration.

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Questions about DataDerm? Email dataderm@aad.org.